Monday, April 28, 2008

Mom's Birthday Celebration

What a fun filled weekend. Mom's birthday was today (4/27) but we began the celebration yesterday with lunch at Le Madelines and a shopping trip! Last night we had a quiet dinner at home with cake and reminicing. Lot's of birthdays to remember!

Today we had a big dinner at church (unrelated to the birthday) but in celebration of mom we all sang to her and had a big cake for everyone to share. She's now the oldest member still in attendance.

Tomorrow she'll wear her new outfit from the shopping trip to the monthly "primetimers" gathering at the church.

You can see that she's sharing her cake with Jack (dog) - after all, he's a member of the family too! This is actually our birthday two months - Mom 4/27, my husband Bill 4/29, Grace (cat) 4/29, me 5/15, Jack 5/20 and Bill's mother 5/22! Bill's mom doesn't live with us, but you do notice that we have a house full of "bulls".
This is the card I made for her - it's all Stampin' Up except the picture and you guessed it - that's mom - just shy of a year old. A cutie then, a cutie now! We are so blessed to have her with us and as she says - she's greatly blessed t0 have her health and as you can tell by the jigsaw puzzle on the table - her mind!

We look forward to many more birthday celebrations!
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