Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trying something new!

Every day's a new day when it comes to stamping cards, but I've been trying all sorts of new things this week - I've been so encouraged by cards I receive from friends and blogs I check out every day. I receive a tutorial every day from Michelle Zindorf - she's amazing! So after a couple of weeks of looking at her cards and reading every bit of instructions and tips I decided to get my brayer out and give it a try. Now I'm going to upload my first attempt and I assure you mine is like kindegarten compared to her master's degree, but I'm still proud of giving it a try and hopefully if I keep trying mine will improve and look more like the teacher's cards. I can only hope that is true!
I look back and remember that two years ago I didn't even know what rubber stamping was all about - in fact, after attending a Stampin' Up club night at a dear friends, I ask her to never invite me again. A year later, of course, I was a demonstrator and stamping all of the time. Now I have over 165 stamp sets and am expecting another twelve to arrive soon! I have a theory - if it's worth doing - it's worth over doing! A dear friend gave me a birthday card this year with that on it and I knew immediately why she thought of me when she saw it! It's not always good when those around us know us so well!
Well, enough rambling - must go to bed. Heading to Bristol, TN tomorrow for a Wed-Saturday of NASCAR - a great time with my husband and some good friends. Hope everyone has a great weekend - will post more soon.
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