Thursday, September 04, 2008

Today's cards!

Here are my two cards for today. I'm trying for three a day, but so far haven't made it on a daily basis. At least I'm working on my goal and I almost made it today. I love both of these cards, one I cased from Stampin' Up! gallery and one was a practice card on a tutorial from Michelle Zindorf. I'm still not quite understanding the brayer thing, but I' m practicing and hopefully someday I'll get it. At least I can send this card to someone, but it's far from the one Michelle posted. I love the "friend card" made from small oval punches. I think using punches is so much fun. The next few days I must concentrate on what we'll be doing at club on 9/9 - I try to have three cards using different techniques - so must get busy looking at ideas. Will write more tomorrow and hopefully have a few more cards to share.

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