Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's Musings

I did my civic duty today and voted. Living in a large city it seemed like the prudent thing to do - vote early and beat the crowds. Not working during the day was a big help - I went to a poll around 2:00 and walked in, voted and walked out. Voting is such a privilege. We really can have a say if we pay attention and vote with our minds not our emotions. There are so many people in the world that would give anything to have the freedom we have and so I hope this is a record breaking year of voting. After all, you can't complain ifyou don't vote! Now we wait to see the results - I pray for our country and all of it's leaders. My mom is 98 and she's seen so many presidents, so many crisis, wars etc. and she agrees that this is definately a difficult time for our country. I would hate to think I had the responsibility of President!

On to other things, I'm getting more excited every day about my trip to San Antonio for the Stampin' Up regional seminar. I mentioned yesterday that this is my first one so I really don't know what will take place, but I hope I learn a lot, make some new friends and come home filled with enthusiasm and new ideas. I'm actully a late bloomer in the stamping/scrapbook world so I have much to learn. I love stamping and I love learning new ways of doing things. I'm still timid about trying things, but am getting past that slowly but surely. I know Saturday will be a fun filled day.

The disappointment of the day is that my daughter was going to fly in and spend the weekend with us had her trip canceled and so now we wait until Thanksgiving.

I thought for today's picture I would add one I made when the With Gratitude set first came out. I love the leaves in this set and use it so often - you'll recogonize the leaf from yesterdays cards.
Thats enough rambling tonight, got lots of things to get done. More later.
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