Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Cards 2008

Wow, I am over whelmed! I love every Christmas set in Stampin' Ups catalog this year and then they added the mini. I now have about five specific Christmas sets, plus the sets like Sock Monkey and the hostess set Window Dressing that have stamps that could be for Christmas. Every time I think I've decided on my cards for this year I get a new inspiration and change. I began my preparation with Christ Is Born and tried it in about five different ways now I think I've settled on the round one shown in the previous post. But, then I saw Beatte's tutorial on Split Coast Stampers for the stained glass window technique using A Cardinal Christmas ordered the set that day and am doing some of those too. As you can see I even have two different styles of that and of course, when I now have this technique in my head I want to use it as much as possible, so I used it with the Holy family from the Holy Triptych set. My problem is that I want to do Sock Monkeys, Window Dressings, and so many many more. A few years ago I ordered cards or bought them, addressed them and mailed them. Now that I'm making them I want every possible design. lol

This is my three way fold card so I could use all of the stamps in Holy Triptych. This is the only one I will be making!

This one with just the Holy Family using the stained glass technique is more likely to have more than one completed in time to mail out in time for Christmas.

I love the A Cardinal Christmas set and the Christ is Born set and so I think these three cards will end of being my primary cards for this year, but who knows what will show up tomorrow.
More on this saga later!
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