Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Rush

Wow - can you believe it's nearly Christmas! I can't - even though I've done most of my shopping, mailed most of my cards, decorated my tree and hung my wreaths it still doesn't feel like Christmas. Some years I would say that's because it's 80 degress outside, but it's 43 and that's cold for here so that's not the problem. I wonder if others are feeling this same way?

I had a blast doing my tree this year - I made the ornaments from Stampin' Up kits and big snowflakes using my Big Shot and the snowflake die. The tree is so simple it gives me a sense of
relaxation and it makes me feel like I've gone back in time - to a time when life was so much more simple. This is my mom by the tree and this is another special year - she's 98! Can't believe it can you? Every Christmas with her is another very special blessing. My mom was 36 when I was born and it's amazing to think we've had so many wonderful years and so many Christmas trees! lol

I made my cards too. I had so many cool stamps that I ended up with four different designs I actually mailed out and others I made and hung on my own tree! In an earlier post I mentioned that I had always wanted the perfect way to display cards we received and it occurred to me to hang them on a tree like ornaments and that's just what I've done. Love it! I even decorated my envelopes because I had a stamp set I loved and didn't want to use it for cards - my husband says I look for work, but in this case I love what I do.

Happy Stamping,
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