Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been working on a project today and it has allowed me time to contemplate friendship. As I worked I thought about the thousands of people, both male and female who have come throughmy life. I've always heard that some are for a reason, some for a season and others for a lifetime and I've found this is to be true in my life.

I've had friends that I thought would be around forever and now it's been years since I've heard from them - don't even know where they are now. Others came into my life and I really didn't expect them to stay, but stay they have and for this I'm glad.

It just has caused me to think about why some become such an important part of our life and others just come in, stay awhile, go, come back and go and it really doesn't impact our lives or theirs.

Since I started stamping I've had so many wonderful women come in to my life. Some I've actually known for a long time but not really known until now. Some are young, some are middle age and some are older - at least, older than me! All have brought me new insights both in what we do and in myself. They've brought me laughter, lots of laughter and a few have brought tears, but all have brought something special to my life.

Enough contemplation - life is good and my new friends have made my life more special than I ever imagined!

Now for that project - here's s shot of what I've been doing tonight! One of you will recognize these and know that you are a very special friend and I thank God for you. More later!
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