Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Christmas Card Challenge

Well, the challenge is supposed to be that I will complete a minimum of ten cards a month and five friends joined me in this challenge.  We meet once a month and make our cards together as we laugh and talk and snack!  Well, the challenge this month for me was to find a card to make.  You see I've decided as have some of the others to make different cards each month - last month was a breeze.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do and had my paper cut ahead of time, ready to go and the cards all got done.

Now there's this month!  I picked out a card and was going to do one similar to it, but I couldn't find the snowflake stamp anywhere.  I handn't written down what sets I had used last year and this was what I was basing the card on and so I hunted and then I tried to find another design.  It's like finding another restaurant after the one you wanted to go to is closed or has an hour wait!  Nothing ever really makes you happy even though you eat, it still never satisfies you.  Well, thats what happened last night with my cards.  So here's this months card - however, there are only eight.  It's not my favorite, but my challenge is met well almost - I did say there are only eight!
On the good side - today I found the snowflake stamp and so one month I may make those cards I wanted to make so badly last night.  You see it won't be next month because I've already got next month all planned out.  Yes, I have the stamps ready to go, the layout with the stamps and when I finish with this I'm gathering the paper and placing everything in a box labeled for next month!   Hopefully, the only challenge will be to get the cards made!
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