Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Smiles

Tonight I venture away from stamping for a brief look into my family album! Yesterday my favorite little Yorkie went to visit the groomer. When he got home he was so proud of the way he looked and I'm sure smelled, but that's another story. He took his favorite ball jumped up on the couch and posed for me for many pictures. But the one you get to see tonight is the one where he showed me his pearly whites! I ask him if they brushed his teeth and this was his response.

Ok, maybe I just caught him with a shot at the end of a big yawn, but it sounds good and would make a great commercial for doggy toothpaste!

He wouldn't like it if I didn't show you a normal picture too, so here is another picture with his attentive tilt of the head. Jack is soon to be five and he has filled our lives with so much joy - hope you all enjoy! I'll be back to stamping tomorrow.

Keep on stamping and don't for get to embellilsh!

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