Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flowers for Mother!

Happy rainy Satuday!

Last night I was checking out my stamping website connections and I found a "flower pot challenge"! What fun - they gave us a basic pattern for the flower pot and the rest was up to us. You open the card by pulling upward on the flowers. Now is this a cute idea or what. I love pull up cards, but I think this is now my favorite - You know me and my garden - and now a chance to give flowers that won't wilt!

Now my dilemma do I give it to mom for her birthday 4/27 or wait until Mother's Day. I can't wait for her to see it so that probably will make the choice for me. I show her every card after I make it and this one is in hiding - lol. I didn't put a sentiment on the front or stamp the inside card until I make up my mind about which occasion. Both occasions are pretty important - she will celebrate her 99th birthday and 63 years of being my mom! She may not celebrate being my mom for all those years (lol), but I do!

Enjoy the card and if you want instructions let me know - I will be happy to share.

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