Friday, April 03, 2009

funnest Card Ever Contest

Congratulations Konnie!

I said the first person to quess how the "funnest cards eve" were made would win a prize! The winner is Konnie Johnson - she has already responded with almost the exact way to make the card - close enough to be the winner!

The purse is made with 1/2 of the round tab punch and the handle is the small and large oval punches. Punch the small oval punch, then line up and punch the large oval punch - and cut in half. You can now see why I made two cards. When you punch out your items you get enough purses, purse flap and handles for two cards . The other unmentioned punches were the BoHo flower punch for one of the decorations.and the the 3/4" square cut in 1/2 for tab on third purse - but as I said Konnie was close enough - the item I was really shooting for was the "round tab punch". We always need to be looking at every tool we have especially the punches and think how could I use that in an out of the box way! I'm thankful thatthose who do think out of the box share with the rest of us.

Oh, yes, the prize - Konnie will get her choice of a SAB stamp set, paper or ribbon. Pays to check my blog. I will add these little contests along the way so keep your eyes open and congratulations Konnie!

Happy Stamping,

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