Monday, April 06, 2009


I've been missing in action. I just finished the Avon Two Day Walk! I am third from the left in the picture. The six of us spoke at the opening ceremony and had just received our connection ribbons.. What an amzaing weekend.
I planned on walking 13 miles on Saturday (we have a choice of 13 or 26) and 13 on Sunday, but I met such wonderful women on Saturdy, plus two of my friends from last years team came out and started with me, that I just kept walking at 13 and finally gave in at 18 and walked the two miles on home. Tthe course just happened to pass that close to my house this year. Yesterday I got up and completed the final 13 and celebrated at the finish with all of my new friends.

Today I'm basking in the memories of all the ladies and men that walked anywhere from 13 to 39 miles and raised an amazing amount of money and awarednes for breast cancer research and assistance. I was fortunate to raise $3125 and am so thankful to all who donated to my walk. My walk this year was in memory of my very dear friend Emily Falkenburg who lost her battle last June and for eight friends who are currently in treatment or in remission!

I missed stamping this weekend but I'm thankful that I was able to do this walk and for all those who supported me out on the course. Remember ladies, early detection is the best defense we have - check those boobies!

See you tomorrow.
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