Friday, May 29, 2009

Love Those Sheep

Alright I'm really getting ahead of myself, but I just couldn't resist making a Valentine's Day card with my sweet little sheep. Of course, the inside will say "to ewe." I'm telling you I think I really can make these "lambs for all seasons" or should it be "sheep for all seasons"? Anyway Christmas lambs are in the works as I write and I'm thinking Easter is a given! After all, if we're going to have lambs we must relate them to the Lamb of God. This is a good start as we think of His great love for us. I think I should put a scripture inside each card too. Keep checking back, I just know more sheep will be appering soon. I am obsessed!

I hope that you will give these sheep a try - they're easy and sooooo much fun. Enjoy!

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