Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Road

I'm sure you think I've disappeared for ever, but I'm back with a couple of posts. This one is about my craft room move and my time away from home, then I will post some cards I made last week.
Right now I'm on the road without stamping supplies! Eek! I may lose my mind (the rest of it) going a week without stamping! My daughter in Indiana had surgery on Monday so I'm with her as her "beck and call" lady! So far so good, she's still in the hospital and will probably go home Thursday - that's when my job will really start -right now I can say push the button and call the nurse. LOL

I almost got my craft room completely moved and set up before I left town. Now I need to learn where I put everything so I can get back into the swing of stamping. I'm a visual person and so to no longer know the order of my room is a little disconcerting, but it will be ok once I get home and spend some time in it. I have all of my punches hung up on the wall and I used one of the new decor elements above it. I'm sure it was supposed to be for a child's room, but for some of us the only thing that changes with age is the type of toy.
When I get back home I'll take more pictures to upload of the new craft area. I got these racks for the stamps from Ikea. I used them in the other room, but got to spread them out differently here. Thankfully, I'm tall so I can have the top one up hight and still reach the punches. I got the idea from a Stampin' Up! Success magazine. They work great and I got the hanging baskets there too - which are a big help.
Before you know it I'll be back home and stamping away!
Happy Stampin!

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