Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wrecked can mean so many different things. Like I wrecked my car - obviously that means the car has damage! My week was wrecked by the car wreck! Now that ones means that everything I had planned for the week suddenly was put on the back burner or "messed up" similar to the car, my week was damaged!

You ask what does this have to do with stamping? The answer is simple - I wrecked my car on Tuesday afternoon and the rest of my week was suddenly also a wreck! I didn't accomplish any of the things I had planned for the week including stamping. Without stamping, there is no blogging!

Now on the bright side - I am ok! Some nasty bruises where my under the dash (knee bolster) airbag deployed and gave me a whole new look to my shins. But already they are better and most of all, they are just bruises. The airbag in the steering wheel deployed also, but for some reason it did nothing to me. Two bruised shins and a very bruised right hand (go figure) and a car that won't come back home until mid August (current estimate 8/19.)

Now to make things even brighter - I am stamping like crazy to get ready for my open house on Tuesday and the blog tour begining the 26th, so I will have a new post up tomorrow with a card.

Sleep tight - see you tomorrow!

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