Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tutorial for Gift Tag Box Lid

I have had so many requests for the measurements etc. for the Gift Tag Box. What makes doing a tutorial for the box so difficult is that I used a pattern from Stampin' Up! for the box, a tutorial from Valerie Stangle for the dividers and I came up with the box top on my own.

The complete tutorial for the original Gift Tag Box I started with can be found at Valerie Stangle's blog - Click here for tutorial. This is an incredible tutorial and I really would not be able to improve upon it. The box bottom is very stable and secure - and easy to make following her instructions. The lid to her box is made with a clear lid, like the one in the IBC, pg. 14. I have made one and love it, but for the simple Christmas gifts I want to make, I looked for a little bit easier box and found it on the Demo site for Stampin' Up.

So, when I made my box I used her tutorial for the dividers and the slightly easier box pattern and my own idea for the "window pane top". The simple box I used also had a divider pattern - my reason for not using it was that it used more paper, however, you can email me for the pdf file for this easier box and divider, and choose for yourself which you want to use.

Now for the lid: Cut a 4" x 11" piece of Designer Series Paper. You can actually get three tops out of one piece of 12x12 paper. Now using a score pal or paper cutter with scoring blade, place the paper long side at top and score at 2-1/2", 3-1/2" 7-1/2" and 8-1/2".

I made this template first. Then on the back side of the DSP I drew the squares on the paper and new exactly where to place my 1-3/8' square punch. The borders around the window panes are 3/8" and the cross pieces are 1/2". You can draw the pattern out on the back of the paper with or without making a template, but I suggest the template if you plan on making more than one box.

Cut a piece of clear window sheet (pg. 158, IBC) in a just slightly less than 4" square - you can actually use the measurement of 3-15/16 or estimate just slightly less than 4", which is what I did. Place sticky strip on the back side of the DSP along the border and the cross pieces. Place your square of clear window sheet down and then fold on the score marks. Wrap around your box and make sure it will slide. Mark where to place sticky strip. Place the sticky strip down and adhere the two ends. Top is complete and ready for you to embellish.

I placed my ribbon and tag on the top so that it would remain as the box was slid in and out. You could also tie it the other way to hold the box securely. That is strictly your option.
Here's the finished top as I made it. I'm sure as I make more I will change up various looks - ribbonss, tags etc. And as I have spent time writing this - I've thought of many other uses for this quad box. Candy pieces, small stamps, and all season gift tags! I'm sure the uses are endless.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in my box and for making your way through this first attempt at a tutorial. Believe me this is much easier than I've made it sound. I can tell you that I appreciate everyone and their tutorials so much more now!

Now it's your turn - be sure and send me pictures!
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