Friday, September 18, 2009

Autumn Leaves still falling!

Ok, ok, I get it! I have lots of friends with leaves and I have been given lots of invitations to come help rake leaves. LOL I don't think I meant to say I missed raking, I meant to say I miss jumping into them and I miss the season! And don't think I'm getting out of work, I get to mow grass all year long, sort of makes up for that lack of raking thing. So thanks for the invites, but I'll pass this year.

Actually, we're headed to Kentucky the end of October and I look forward to seeing some beautiful trees between here and there (we're driving). Now on to the cards!
I told you I made lots of these cards and so here are a few more of them! Tomorrow when I post my "last" of this club series, you will see one made a little differently, but these are just like yesterday. Again, these are the ones where I embossed the leaves completely before sponging the background.

The last two cards are photographed in two different stages. The first card I thought was finished, but then I was looking at Gretchen Barron's blog click here, she does a weekly post that shows a card in three or four levels - she call it taking it to the top. The first card is pretty, but then she adds some more to it and it's even better, then she adds even more to it and it's gorgeous. Well, I thought about this card and when I saw it on the screen I knew I had to do more - it was plain, plain plain. So, I added some buttons and it made a huge difference. This is not in anyway the magic Gretchen does with her cards, but her inspiration is really making me look at my card before I call it finished. We should all step back and try to look at our work with fresh eyes - sometimes, leaving the work space and coming back will give you just the added inspiration. Sometimes, it could be like mine - taking the photo and seeing the card big on my screen made me stop and add something! I hope you will check out Gretchen's blog - it is very inspiring. Now for my two cards! Here's card # 1-
And now here it is with three buttons - makes a big difference. It could still use some more, so don't be surprised if you see it again - as Gretchen would say - "taken to the top."

See you tomorrow. Happy Stampin'!

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