Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Digital Studio is here!

I know I haven't posted in several days, but I have a good excuse, no a great excuse. September 1 was the first day we could order our copy of My Digital Studio (demos only - customers October 1) and, of course, I got mine ordered immediately. It's here and I love it!!!!!

I have thousands of pictures and I have always wanted to make scrapbooks, but just couldn't seem to get it together except on very small ones - well those days are over. With no training, I loaded the program and started to work. This was my first page - I can't tell you how quick this was to do. The color of the mats is none other than Baja Breeze! Yes, they have last year's In Colors available for scrapping. My next pages were two I did of old pictures of my mom and her parents, brother and six sisters. I scanned old pictures in over a year ago, but just hadn't found time to do a scrapbook. Now I have two pages done! I'm telling you, this programs is awesome. All of our color families are available in paper and many fabulous stamps. Yes, you will find buttons, brads, ribbons and oh so much more! Now my last page features a hibiscus in my garden. I love it because it's the beginning, the middle and the end of a flower's life span. Don't you just love the buttons (we can make them any size) and the swirly is a stamp Baroque Motifs - flourish!

Now, that's it for tonight and maybe for a couple of days. Stamp Club is this week and I must come up with projects and have them ready to go - sounds easy, except tomorrow is a holiday and I have my hubby at home (cuts down on stamping time), so I'll probably be back on Wednesday with samples from Tuesday night. It won't be easy to leave my MDS alone, but I'll try.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow - don't forget to labor!
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