Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow in Houston

It's officially a record - the earliest we have ever had snow in the Houston, Texas area! Accumulation around my house didn't amount to much, except on bushes and trees, but the big fluffy flakes were a joy to watch. Here are just a few pictures and now you know why I had time yesterday to take part in a Chat & Challenge and get back to posting!

Pencil cactus leaning on BBQ pit covered with snow and Papaya with fruit nearly ready to pick - had to go ahead to keep it from freezing - all of the leaves were droopy today and most of plant lost to cold temps!

Rosemary plant covered with snow - really pretty, but today it's back to normal - no damage seen!

Amazingly, the bouganvilla on the right covered with snow looks perfect today! Just never know - needless to say my tomatoes and peppers are gone! I just didn't even try to cover things - most are just too big and after all they belong to God not me - I knew some would survive and some wouldn't, but the garden will be new and fresh in the spring. A miracle of a day!

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