Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm back!

Wow, it was February the last time I posted to this blog!  Now you know it's not like me to be so quiet, but so many things have taken place in my life.

As many of you know, since my last post my mom passed away 26 days shy of her 100th birthday. We held an amazing celebration back in our hometown in Missouri.  We had bought a new home in December and began to move in January, but as mom became less able to move about, we put the move on hold until April after she passed. We thought we were getting a new home that would make her life easier with the bedrooms downstairs, but as she told me right before she died - God, has given you and Bill a fresh start. Mom had lived with us for 9 years and filled every spot of our home with a memory, so the move has been good, however, it hasn't stopped me from missing her.  She spent Easter and her birthday with my dad, a granddaughter, her six sisters and one brother, her mom and dad and all those who had gone on before her and most exciting of all with her Lord and Savior Jesus. 

The void she left  is huge, but she was right God has given us a new home and although there are memories of her here, we have been given a fresh start.  She was the best mom ever and I miss her encouragement and love, but I know I'll be with her again some day.
We are now all moved, our house in Bellaire is for sale and we are getting settled in to a whole new lifestyle. We moved about 40 miles out into the country - 2 1/2 acres (lots of mowing) and unfortunately far from most of my stamping group. On the bright side I actually moved closer to one of my first stamping buddies, Crystal, and I hope so we will have a chance to reconnect and stamp together again. 

So during this time of mourning and moving my stamping was left to those times of immediacy: thank you cards, birthday cards, weddings - you know those things that must have a handmade card.

Today's post includes a picture of the thank you card I sent out to those who gave flowers or gifts in mom's name. Mom was my best critic as I learned to make cards and I think she would have loved this one.

I will be back soon with some of the other cards I have made during the past few months and I look forward to getting back into the groove of creating and posting.  Until then happy stampin'.

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