Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Flowers for Day 4

What a week!  Oh, that's right it's only Wednesday - well it seems like a week I've worked on so many things. .  I am excited to say that taking the challenge to intentionally move for 30 minutes for 100 consecutive days has been an amazing decision.  Of course, stealing that idea and using it for my "creating" and my "blogging" has helped me do way more than usual.  Thanks John Bingham for the inspiration!

First the 30 minutes of intentional moving has most days turned into more than 30 minutes and I already feel more energetic.  Now for the creating - I have done more, and have experimented more than ever before.  It seems like intentionally doing something each day has awakened  a desire to do even more.  Not just one project but many.

As I promised here is the flower pin I made from the felt I posted  on Monday.  I cut it out using the Big Shot and the Flower Folds die and assembled it by sewing the layers together and then adding a center with the purple roving.  

Just a few weeks ago I would have been OK with just the fabric and the flower, but today I added beading sewn on and with silver wire and am pleaseed with the results. Now I'm pulling out the other flowers I've made and seeing how I can embellish them to be even more exciting!

I tell you this challenge to make something every day and then blog it has really lit a fire in me and makes me want to make even more.  Just this week alone I've taken two classes at Archivers and experimented with some other fabric flowers.  So tomorrow watch for still another flower or two!

Tonight I need to make some thank you cards, so I'll stop for now, but I'll be back tomorrow!  What can you create by then - don't let the time pass you by - make something!  You will be glad you did and someone will love receiving that hand made "something"!

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