Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 41 - Craft Room is clean!

My creation for Friday was in fact the clean and "neat" craft room I mentioned a couple of days ago!  I took pictures and then I was so tired that I just went to bed.  Today some friends came out for the day and so I'm just now posting yesterday's post, but I really think you will forgive me with everything that's going on.  If not, I do forgive myself and will have another post for today and in my mind I will still be current on my 100 day challenge.

I do want to let you know that my surgeon appointment at MD Anderson went very well yesterday.  I thank everyone for your prayers.  My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, 2/15, and I should be home early enough in the evening to get my post done!  We'll see about that, but that's the plan.  The plan is back to normal by Thursday, so I hope I will be able to be at my Bible Study on time and ready to share in God's Word.  Please keep the prayers coming as we won't have the pathology report until my follow up visit.

 Now for Craft Room pictures - The first one on the right is an overall shot of most of the room from the entry door.  I was able to keep our kitchen table from our old house when we moved out here last year - so I have lots of room to work and about four of us can comfortably work at one time.

When I'm working by myself I keep more supplies readily available on the table, but I must admit I like working with others so much more!  I like the encouragement and the ideas that flow. I love that four of us can make the same card and none look exactly alike.  And most of all there's nothing like girl talk!
This second picture is of my wall of punches and ribbon.  I must admit I like the newer punches for their storage, but obviously I just like punches.  My ribbon is in a see through shoe holder.  It's full, but unfortunately much of it's retired.  I don't quit using it though - I grew up with the "waste not - want not"  theory!

These two pictures show my wall of cabinets.  I store my scrapbooking supplies in the bottom cabinets.  The drawers hold my Big Shot cutting pads, etc. and the embosslits, embossing folders etc.  If you look closely you can see my dies open shelves on the left hand side behind my Big Shot. The upper cabinets hold my stamp sets (both sides).  They're in size and then alpha within the size; however, I'm seriously thinking about putting all of my sentiments together.  I'm thinking about the best way to do this, so for now they'll stay like this.  I do have all of my holiday stamps together on one shelf.  My newer clear stamps are on the shelf in the middle, but I'm of space, so need to make adjustments there too.  I do keep my retired sets in with the current, but I put a large red R on each box so I don't pull them for workshops.  I also have my Big Shot, my cutter, creasing tool and other tools out ready for use.  Stamp pads are at the end.

Ok, so that's my post for Day 41!  Hope you enjoyed the tour - I'll show you my sewing/felting area, my paper storage and more of the mess another day!  I appreciate your patience with me during this journey.  In an hour or so Day 42 will be posted and I'll be caught up.

Happy Stamping!
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