Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google - a very good tool, but only if we use it!

In my earlier post, I used a stamp that quoted Ralph Blum and I commented that I didn't know who he was and maybe I should have googled him.  Well, yes, maybe I should have,as he seems to be more of a new age follower than I could have ever imagined. 

So, in this post I just want to claim God's ability to use anything for good!  I saw this quote as calmness is the result of gratitude and results in joy!  All of this I have learned from my study of God's Word.  Life without gratitude is a failure to see the gifts He gives us each day, especially the gift of eternal life with Him.  Calmness would be a natural result of this gratitude, who isn't calm when they realize how much God loves us, resulting in an outlandish  joy!  And, so I stand by my use of the quote, I just wish I hadn't had to use the author's name, but then that wouldn't be honest and would go against what God calls me to be.  God is good and He goes before me in all things!  Since He knew who the author was before I quoted him, I can only believe He (God) had a plan for me to write this post!  Now, that's amazing.

So enjoy my post and fill your life with gratitude and joy.

His, Bev

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