Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journal of Hope

I met two fabulous women at the International Quilt Show in Houston this November.  Judy lives in Virginia and Liz is in Colorado and both are mixed media artists.  I took a class with Judy and I learned to make silk paper from Liz. Both women inspired me a lot, encouraging me to try new things. I got all of the silk pieces I needed to make some paper and then added all sorts of fun things I had in my stash drawers.  Mixed media taught me that I had saved all these crazy things for a reason and that was a great feeling.  Liz had made a journal front with a piece of silk paper and it was featured in one of her books.  I look at it often and think, I've just got to do this and today was the day.

And I needed a break from stamping cards - I've made a lot of different cards in the past 50 days or so and this was just what I needed.  The journal is from Stampin' Up - It's the 5x5 Art Journal shown on page 185 in the catalog.  I used a piece of Poppy Parade to cover the front first after punching holes along the side with the Spiral Border Punch, pg. 201, $15.95.  I then cut the silk paper to fit the front including adding some between the spirals.  The punch and the paper cutter did not work with this so I used our snips and glued it down with book binding glue.  The card stock gave the silk paper a finished look a it shows through a few of the thinner areas.  It was just the right color to highlight the color in my silk paper.

I embellished the front with pieces I've had in my stash for a long time.  Keep Life Simple, and Hope in two different styles.  Hope was silver and the threads in the paper were gold, so I used a gold pen to make it gold.  The feather is actually made into the paper, but makes a great embellie.  I wove the ribbon through the wire and tied a bow.  This is Rose Red grosgrain ribbon, some left over from a prior year - it is now retired.  And that's it - my first silk paper journal cover and I'm very pleased.  All that's left now is for me to sketch some flowers, write some notes and fill my book with my praises, joys, concerns and prayers. 

Hope you enjoyed this diversion from cards and stamping. Stamping will return soon, maybe even tomorrow - tune in and see what appears next.

Happy Stamping, sewing, quilting, paper making or whatever else fills you with joy!

Day 53
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