Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cupcake Quilt

Today was a day filled with sunshine, surprises in the garden (strawberries) and a little creating in the craft room!  I cleaned out flower beds, pulled up all the old garden plants and found so many things that either didn't freeze or have chosen to begtin again from the roots.  I also started my little greenhouses for tomato and pepper plants.  I decided to try a few seeds this year and see if I can grow my own plants.  Of course, I may have started that a little late, so I'll also sow some right into the ground in a few weeks.
Now to the creating!  I saw a friend's post on FB this a.m. and it was for a tutorial for a small quilt.  I thought, wow, could I do that with paper - so I gave it a try.  I may try some more of these little quilt pieces - fun and it really is a change of pace.  I made mine on a 4"square and used 1" and 1/2" square punches.  The cupcake started from a stamp set and I just cut it down to fit in my square.  The button on top for a cherry was cut using an embosslit.  Not near as cute as the quilted one, but it was fun to make and can now be added to a regular size card with a birthday or other greeting.  You can see the quilted piece by going to

Keep your eyes open there's inspiration every where.  Happy Stamping,

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