Monday, March 07, 2011

Creations come in all different ways!

I would love to go upstairs and make a card or something, but I'm not sure I could make it up the stairs, and so I'm going to feature a totally different type of creation.

Bed behind fence!

I got up this morning and headed into Bellaire to our old house to do yard work!  Our yard guys will be there on Wednesday, but the grasses and some of the other plants need my loving touch.  Our house is for sale in town or it will be again soon after all of the repairs/upgrades are completed and so it's time to get that yard in shape. Actually, I'm a month behind schedule.  I always try to cut back the grasses by the middle of February, but for those of you who follow this blog, you know I've had a pretty busy February and so it got done today, March 7.

Big bed ready for cleanup!

A really dear friend met me at the house at nine this morning and we started in on the bed behind the fence.  I wish I had taken a good before picture, but I can tell you there was dead lantana, rosemary and grasses and we cleaned it all out before she had to take off.  I then moved to the back yard (inside the fence) and there was a lot of brown stuff!  So many things had really died back because of our recent freeze and so I began clipping. 

Big bed nearly complete!

And so, my creation for today is cleaned out flower beds.  I still have much to go and will be there all day Wednesday with the yard guys finishing up this spring clean up, but for now I'm just pleased with what I got done today.  The best part of this is that while I was working I was surrounded by the bluebonnets that have begun to bloom in town.  We have a few out here in the country, but nothing like in town.  They will only get better over the next couple of weeks as I saw lots of tiny little buds.  I love this time of the year and will really miss this yard when the house sells, but for now I have the best of both worlds - in town and in the country - twice the work, but twice the pleasure.

So now, I'm going to review my Bible study for tomorrow.  I get to go to leadership on Tuesday for the first time in a month!  That means I get to lead my class on Thursday!  (Smile)  Finally a week that feels normal!  Hope they stay that way.

So tomorrow, I'll be back to creating in my craftroom, at least that's the plan. Tune in tomorrow to see what's up next.
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