Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank EWE

This will be a very short post.  I'm having surgery again Monday so we've been busy trying to get work done around the yard and house.  It's not that it's that disabling, but I can't lift my arm that high for a while and so I'm exhausted.  I painted my hubby's office in his new garage "Manland".  I still have more to do tomorrow, but got a good start on it today.  We're driving into town tomorrow after church to pick up some things left behind in the garden shed and garden, so tomorrow will be busy too. So enjoy my card and I'll be back tomorrow with another something!

Tonight I decided to make a special thank you and it's for a friend who loves sheep - so this card was easy and fun to make.  I love these sheep and I'm so thankful for my friend, Deb reminding me that I hadn't made one in a long time. Well, I'm back into them now and who knows when I'll get my fill and stop again.  I just hope there's always going to be someone to remind me to start making them again.

I love that they can be used in place of the common you.  So Thank EWE Sally for your precious gift and Deb for reminding me how much I love making sheep.

Until tomorrow - I'm off to bed early tonight! (Smile)

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