Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you ever really, really enjoyed something only to wake up one morning and know it's over!  I'm not talking relationship here - I'm talking hobby.  Sometimes I think we take a path, not because it's our life path, but because it's taking us somewhere we never dreamed we would go.

About six years ago, well actually closer to seven, I was invited to a "card" club.  That night I said please don't ever invite me to one of these again, but about a year later I had begun to pay attention to craft shows and scrapbooking and decided I wanted a second look.  My friend Martha's daughter held these card making events and she was a blast.  She made everything seem easy and exciting and I was in, in big time!

For about a year I attended her events and then I finally began to hold my own and I made some of the most precious friends.  Women I would never have known without stamping.  Some I already knew from church, but only casually and our friendships grew.  Some found me online and I treasure them so much.  We shared monthly gatherings and so much more.  We learned about each other's families, work and went through illness and some hard times, a new baby for one and a wedding for another.  What wonderful memories.

The fun loving, talented young woman who got me hooked, well she changed directions and left the stamping world behind and now I find like her I'm heading off in another direction, too.  She moved into digital scrapbooking ( still does this ) and quilting and her enthusiasm is still very contagious.  I follow her blog and she makes me want to sew like a crazy woman, something I haven't done for close to 40 years and then it wasn't really for fun.

I don't know if I'll ever quilt, but I have moved to painting on fabric as well as my stones.  I'm having a blast watercoloring flowers on bookmarks and note cards and have done pink and teal ribbons to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer. What I've awakened to, finally the title comes into play, is that there are things I really love to do and stamping isn't at the top of my list, but I'n not sure I would be close to where I am now in painting, sewing, needle felting, etc. if Sally hadn't hooked me on rubber stamping.

I do know my life wouldn't be as rich without Sally, Megan, Anna, Crystal, Macy, Martha, Sarah, Kathleen, Melissa, Loretta, Brenda and more!  Thank you ladies for a fun time and I look forward to sharing life with you for many years to come!

And without a doubt check out Sally's blog, you will find inspiration, patterns, tutorials and motivation to follow your dream.
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