Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fuchsia - A One Color Painting

Late last year I got a really cool sketch book. Now I didn't understand how soft or textured the paper was, I just knew I loved the texture of the cover and that the paper wasn't typical. It was handmade with ragged edges and I loved it.
Love this cover - textured paper!

The first sketch I used markers and the paper was just too soft and allowed very intense colors (no picture). I used a few more pages with watercolors and they were better. I added a couple of drawings I'd done on other medium with brads and then today as I wondered what to do I picked up the book, flipped to a new page and with my Pitt artist pen I sketched a flower. I then picked out my Derwent Inktense Fuchsia (0700) pencil and decided to see if I could do the entire painting with just one pencil. Here is my finished page!

love how the heavy texture of the paper helped give dimension to the flower and shading with the one color and some white space worked.

Hope you enjoy my experiment in color.

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