Thursday, January 12, 2012

Handmade Paper

Handmade paper - so much fun and so many possibilities!  I have wanted to make paper forever.  I have saved scraps from my cards and have lots of other scrap paper - how cool is it that this can be used to make all sorts of new paper.

On Facebook I follow such a fun young woman. You can check out her blog by clicking here. Mel specializes in mixed media ATC's, but the other day she posted a picture of a sheet of handmade paper that she made from Christmas gift wrap.  I had to know how!  I commented on her post and she quickly forwarded me a link for a kit for making paper.  I ordered it that very day and began my paper making.

I love anything that allows you to succeed on your first try and making paper is just that easy.  Don't misunderstand me, there's much to learn to make different papers and to make them well, but I do promise that you can make a piece of paper on your first try!

My first piece is a little thick.  You know the philosophy, if one is good then three or four is better.  Well, never mind the directions, I used as much paper as I wanted to make my pulp and I learned a lesson.  Yes, I made a new sheet of paper, but it's not what I want to make all of the time. Success with room to improve.  But, don't think for a minute that I learned that lesson on the first piece, no I have three or four very thick pieces.  I will use them for something,  (great for die cut machine) but finally I have reduced the amount of pulp and am liking my paper even more. I guess all thicknesses have a place.

I have made colored pulp to add to my white or light colored pulp and have it ready to go.  I've learned that you can add a minor ingredient and make acid free paper, perfect for scrapbooking.  I'm planning to add some lavender buds to some paper, they say it retains it's scent and I'll let you know if that's true, probably as soon as tomorrow.

In the first couple of days I experimented with flower petals and leaves, see example on left.  Today, it was just seeing the subtle change in color by using white or cream color base pulp.  I want to learn recipes so that I can make multiple sheets of the same (close to the same) color to use for invitations, table decorations etc. All I know right now is that it's just way too much fun and the cost is negligible!  After all, who doesn't have scrap paper - no more shredding, no more landfill, just a very green hobby.

Come see what I make tomorrow!
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