Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking Forward and Preserving Memories

I have so many treasures!  My mom was 36 when I was adopted and she had wanted a baby girl for a long time and so everything was a special treasure for her.  She was dedicated to writing everything down in my baby book including what I got for Christmas, at least through the first six years!  She also saved my toys and clothes, especial my dolls and doll clothes and now I'm the one with these things in my home.  I love these things and the memories they hold, but it's time to think about the future.

This adorable little vintage circus themed table was under the tree on my second Christmas.  Just looking at it I'm filled with memories of tea parties and coloring books and for 60+ years, it's in pretty good shape.  I'm like my mom and I don't like to let go of things (surprise to those of you who know me) but it's time. So I've decided to make a memory book.  I've got my mom's award winning quilts, my toys, my dolls and their clothes, my first day of school (Kindergarten and First Grade) dresses and so much more, including a baby bed and kitchen cabinet that my Dad made and I want to be the one to see them go to other homes, so I will take pictures and write notes and make a wonderful book and my treasures will move on to other loving homes.
Bev Ann's Mixed Bag - K-T Antique Mall

So soon this little table and chairs will be the first of my childhood things to move to my store in Katy and or Etsy shop

I will post more fun memories here as I move them into the book and out of the house!  If you have any questions about the items I post, please leave me a comment or email me directly.  I would love to visit about their history and, of course, they can always become your treasures before they even go to my shop.

I would love to hear about your special memories, so be sure to comment or email me - I know you have great things to share!
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