Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Paper Kind of Day

I just love this paper making thing I'm into right now. I love using scraps and almost never knowing for sure what the finished paper will look like.

Would be kind of hard to make a set of matching papers, but who wants matching papers?  Not me! However, I made a solid yellow (see right) and I know how I made it, so I guess if if I ever wanted more than one sheet of yellow, that one I can do!  :) but mostly I just love throwing some scraps in the blender and being surprised.

So today I started with a white base, but, being the "imperfectionst" (my word) that I am, I didn't bother to rinse out the blender and there was some red pulp residue in it, so I quickly had pink. I poured it into the mold and then swirled some blue and green pulp around in the pink pulp and water and pulled it out to drain.

This is one side and this is the other and both of these pictures are when the paper is wet!

So another surprise when it dried. Can you believe how they change?  The color becomes so much lighter and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

With this one I prefer the lighter color and I love how different the sides are, but yesterday trying to make a dark red, lighter wasn't the look I wanted. Oh, well a pretty pink was born.

Quickly changing gears I did a quick watercolor for the front of a card for a friend.  I have so many friends going through major trials right now, that I really need to do about four more, but that will have  to come later tonight.

So with this I will close my post, make the card and get it ready to mail and get back to paper making and flower  painting after dinner.  My sweet husband is having dinner out and so that means a quick something for me and back to fun!

See you soon with more surprises.

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