Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pencil Sketches = Relaxation

I love to cover every piece of paper with a little drawing on it.  If I sit down I've got a pen and paper in my hand, well, pencil and paper - I can be in a meeting, church, in front of the TV and I begin to draw.  Now these aren't drawing that will ever make me rich, but they shut down my thoughts!  I can listen better, I hear things differently because I'm just moving my pencil around in the most relaxing manner and my brain can relax.  My mom and daughter knit!  Other friends sew and I guess that's really more productive, but it's not for me.  I don't end the time with something to frame or even give as a gift, but I have a collection of some pretty interesting little drawings.

Sitting in church last week I drew a small picture of most of the sermon - a fish, a net (not a very good net, looked more like a serpent) a palm tree, Jesus feet, some little stick people holding hands and a phone.  Bill didn't go to church last week (sick) and when I got home I could tell him the entire sermon by looking at my little drawings.  Now without my interpretation he probably would have been lost, but for me it brought it back to life. Most of the time it's a flower and they probably all look a lot alike, but I enjoy each one.

And, oh, the phone - it represented hearing Jesus call on my life!  Don't worry, Bill was surprised by that one too. The main message, Jesus called the fisherman, they dropped their nets (immediately), left their boat behind and followed him!  They joined in community and began to spread the word!  How many times have we said,  "I'll just hold on to my net", rather than listen to His call?

Now back to drawing, it's my happy place and I encourage everyone to find that place.  That place where the business of life can just shut down and you can be still and maybe even here His voice.

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