Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creating a Unique Password Book

Everyone has passwords and user names in abundance. It seems like every page we look at on the web now makes you sign in! Security people say use different passwords for each site and change them regularly. What's a girl or guy to do? I certainly can't count on my memory!

About 5 years ago we started using an address book to record all of this important stuff.  Well, you can imagine what a mess this book is in now, so I decided to make a new one with the blanks I really needed, ones that fit the information.

I used Stampin Up chipboard, round tab punch, rough type stamp set and some very, very old long ago retired Su stickers.

Added to that I used a Hero Arts typewriter stamp and some epoxy alpha stickers and finally some 7gypsies "Z is for Zany" stickers. The paper I used to cover the chipboard is a an old retied SU designer paper called Notebook and the divider pages were made with Soft Sky card stock.  Again, a retired Su item.  I loved this paper and finally found a great use for it.  I have lots left, so can't wait to see how I use it next, but on with the current project.

The holes and wire were a "cinch" to do!  A play on the name of the machine, as I did use my Cinch to complete the book.  The pages flip easily and I love that it is useful and playful.

The fun part is that I have lots of blank areas to sketch on or cover with stickers.  This can become a little journal not just a place for those pesky passwords.  I love the Wacky sticker you see below.  It defines Wacky as 1. an eccentric; crackpot 2. goofball - Got to love it - I choose eccentric as my choice of definitions as I do think of my self as one wacky woman!

And here's my finished book!  I love it and partly because I used so many things I've held on to for so long.  Once again, proof that I will eventually use that stuff I hold on to, that others tell me I need to get rid of - nope!  There will be a use for me or someone else.  I don't mind sharing my goodies because sometimes you're really only holding it for someone else's project, but throw away!  Never!!!!

Next time you're in the market for a new book, make your own, both fun, easy and unique!  No one will have a book quite like yours!  It was so much fun, I want to make more - I see lots of journals in my future!

See you soon with more fun projects.

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