Friday, March 16, 2012

First Class! A Study in Radishes . . . .

I told you about the new class I'm taking yesterday and today I got started.  I was sooo excited when I got the email with my login information - I was official and could get started.  That's what I love about online classes - you're not limited to their time of day or even the day of the week.  This class actually started on the 12th and here I am lagging behind just starting on the 16th, but that's ok.

The first class focused on a radish!  Yes, you heard me a radish.  First Junelle showed us how to draw a grid to do thumbnail sketches and we got started with radishes.  I didn't actually have any on hand and didn't want to wait one more moment, so I used hers.  After all she had a bowl full and only used a few of them, so I borrowed a few for my own sketches.  Actually, I just made up what I think they look like and I'm happy so good for me.

The class is soooo much fun!  I followed along with her and tried to copy what she did for the first twelve sketches and then it was my turn on my own and I found my imagination isn't that great!  Our homework was to draw at least 10 radish sketches, using them in ways that they would not normally be used! I especially like my radish chip cookies, with milk, of course.  These are my sketches, but you must go to see Sally's radishes on her blog!  What an imagination - love that girl!  I was glad I hadn't looked at hers yesterday or I would have been soooo tempted to copy them and then exclaim, "We are so on the same page!"  Ha ha - like she would have let me get by with that!  So, we get to see as we do this course together, just how much alike we are and how different - what fun!

Next we're doing sketches of owls ad sweets! Funny combo, but here we go.  I've started the owls and have a cute layout for my cupcakes completed,

but must get on with life today and work on this later tonight - so no coloring yet!  Check back tomorrow to see the watercoloring added, or maybe even later tonight.  You know what you're like when you find something you love to do?  Can't stop doing it, well, that's where I am. Can't wait for dinner to be over so I can dig back in to the paints.

This one makes me want a cupcake, but looking at the radishes makes me want a cupcake, too!  Sounds like a food issue to me.

So hard to stop, but away I go.  See you later in living color.
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