Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trip Art Journal

Leaving on a fun road trip with my fab hubby tomorrow. This trip is more about him than me as we're taking a Corvette to a car show near Chicago! I am taking watercolors and acrylics, lots of pens and pencils and plan to sketch away the trip! I needed a watercolor journal so made my own and just finished the base coat colors for the front and back.

As soon as they're dry I'll do the inside and be ready to go. I love these colors and haven't decided what else I will use to decorate them, but I made an adorable card for hubby for dad's day from our dog (he's going with us) and may put it on the front.
 I ask him and he said yes, I think I will do just that! I've got some Tim Holtz stickers for different state license plates so I think I'll use the ones for the four states we wander through, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois!  We will be so near my hometown, but with a trailer attached to the back of the truck, we will just keep on driving and save memory lane for another trip!

Now it's ready to go! Picture is too blurry to read, but at the bottom I used the stamp - "Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness."  I like this because it sort of sums up the sense of going someplace you've never been - you always have that question of whether you're going the right way and that's even with the girl in the box!

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