Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Road Trip Art Journal Update

Well, I have the cutest art journal ever!  Many of you saw it a few posts back, but here's a picture to refresh you memory.

Here's the only art in it and it's a bare bones sketch of a Corvette! I had to tell you what kind of car, because it's not clear! This was my first attempt and after talking to a fabulous car artist at the show and my husband looking at it and having the face of someone who just saw his sleek sports cart turn into a family car, I knew it needed work!  More on this a little later.  Anyway,  I really thought our trip to Chicago (suburbs) with a Corvette and my little dog Jack in tow would be boring and I would have so much time in the car and at the hotel to create!  I follow so many blogs where people sketch everything they see as they travel, but I have to tell you this is almost all I worked on for the entire eight days!!!!

Bill did all the driving, so I thought I would be able to sketch - not with a little dog sleeping on your lap!  I thought the hotel would be a great place, but after a busy day I just didn't have the urge.  I even thought I would sit over at the show on a grassy knoll at the golf course and sketch - I think not!I did paint a few flowers on rocks (I took a little bit of everything with me, including these wonderful acrylic paints that come in a perfect travel size and rocks) and gave them as gifts while I was there, but that's it.

I saved some mementos to stick in my book and I took lots of pictures, to sketch later.  This barn is one of my favorites.  Such a classic and on one of the main roads totally surrounded by businesses. With the land for sale you know it's fate!  I'm just thankful I saw it and was able to save it for posterity in my own little way!

We went to the best nursery ever!  I saw so many things I want to try and make on my own  Don't you love this dragonfly? They were dog friendly and even had a water station for  little four footed visitors, so Jack had a good time, too.  We were driving so I did get to bring some goodies home with me- one huge advantage to driving!

I did start one of my wild wacky women sketches and finished it when I got home - I think the wild eyes were a picture of mine after two 11 hours days on the road!  Heehee!

This car sketch was a stretch for me - It seems so easy to paint flowers and feet, but cars - oh my, not so easy for me.  The artist and previous teacher said I had tried to fit all of the car into too little space and to just cut it off and stretch it out, so with some major erasing even Bill said it was a little better.  We all know there's a lot more work to be done!  

Always good to get home and over 2400 miles is a long time in a car, but our car passed the Survivor category in the show and now we can look ahead to going gold next year. The show is moving so it will be about four hours closer to home!  Yay!!!!! Less driving and perhaps by then my sketching skills will have improved!

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