Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blessings When You Least Expect Them

Sometimes you are blessed in the most unexpected ways and I certainly was a couple of weeks ago when I visited WC Mercantile in Navasota, TX.

The first blessing came as we entered the door and saw all of the fiber and yarn.  This is an amazing old building. Bill and I both love old buildings and we always love when someone has retained the original look while adapting it to their business.  It was filled with the most amazing fibers from all natural to a rainbow of dyed colors.  It was like walking into a rainbow.

However, the blessing didn't stop there.  The owner's little girl was playing in the back, as her day school was closed for the day, and she came out to say hello.  She talked to me for a few minutes and then disappeared into the back.  Bill and I wandered around for quite a bit soaking in the many colors and textures  of the fibers and then as we walked to the back to check out.  I saw this precious little girl working a big table in the back.  I popped over to admire her work and tell her good by.

As we started to leave she came running over with her work of art in her hand, looked up at me with a precious face, smiled and said this is for you!  She handed me her creation and I was overwhelmed!  I could hardly say thank you I was so surprised and shocked - what a blessing.  She'll probably never know how much it meant or how sweet it really was to hand something she had made to a total stranger.

I wish she could know that it's a treasure to me, and that I have it hung on a cabinet in my studio.  A  daily reminder of the blessing from the heart of a child.

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