Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sammy Joins the Herd

Les Grande Dame "Sammy"
Glorious glorious day!  The sun is breaking through the clouds, church was filled with worship, scripture and music, the temp is almost up to 45 and we're going to be the proud owners of three, yes three alpacas. Sammy is joining Pancho and Lefty as part of our "herd"!

I looked up the definition of herd and I don't believe that three qualifies, but that's what I'm going to call it!  Just like it's a ranch.  What I've decided is a farm is for vegetables and a ranch is for animals, and I'm sticking to it!  I have nothing to verify that, it's my definition!  But now we can call our place Victory Alpaca Ranch!  (smiling and laughing)

The boys will be going through some halter training before they move here and we will be cleaning up the pasture and adding cross fencing so they have their space and we have ours.  I spent time googling pasture hazards for alpacas and found I have much work ahead of me.  Apparently there are more plants and grasses that are harmful than are healthy and I need to check our pasture closely!  So as spring heads our way and the pasture flowers begin to pop up, I will be digging up and watching for every sign of a bad guy!  Even bluebonnets are not a healthy snack.  Thankfully our bluebonnets are mostly in the front and out of their reach and our garden area will also be set apart from these inquisitive little guys.

They are apparently attracted to some trees and so I've got to double check on my Tea Trees (the ones that provide Tea Tree Oil) and be sure that it won't be harmful as they're bright green and will probably look very tasty.  The hope is that the smell will turn them off, but we may find we're transplanting some trees.  I've got to trim our oaks so that the new growth is out of the reach of their long necks and the back fence line has to be cleaned up too! And you're now asking yourself, "Why is she getting alpacas?"  Don't think I haven't ask that too, but I know it will be a very good thing once we've got the stall built, the fences up, the weeds gone and the trees trimmed!

I want them to be very friendly and be able to be used with children and compete in obstacle courses at shows, so I will also be spending a lot of time getting them trained to eat out of my hand, be happy on a leash and possible be willing to be dressed up for costume classes!  And still have time to paint and sew and oh, did I mention I want to learn how to spin!  Fiber that is - I will already be spinning out of control with all these fun things I'm doing.  (smiling and laughing again)

Anyway, as I said this is a glorious day that began with worship and will end with work and thanksgiving for our day, our energy and the upcoming members of our family - Pancho, Lefty and Sammy!  Don't tell Jack, he hasn't realized yet that he won't be an only child much longer!

Stay tuned for some creative posts and, of course, updates on our new boys!

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