Monday, January 28, 2013

Mapping My Mind

I was online the other day and saw a reader challenge for Quilting Daily.  I guess the word challenge is important to me this year because I saw one that looked like so much fun. ( Maybe challenge should have been my word for the year instead of bloom!) Anyway, back to the point, it was called "Mapping it Out" and this was the description:

 What do you think of when you hear the word "map"? The dictionary reveals that "map" is a noun and a verb that can be used both literally and figuratively. Scientists map genes, politicians plot a road map for peace, and business people map out a plan. People are described as being all over the map. Or, if they're successful, they're on the map. In a spiritual sense, one might map the soul. Such complexity from a simple word. Sounds like a challenge to us!
What does "map" mean to you? Draw us a map to your thoughts in a 10" x 12" art quilt.

I was immediately intrigued by this thought and saw a map of my mind!  My head is so full of so many thoughts and desires and, well, I guess just things I'm doing or want to do.  You know I love to draw my "girls" and so immediately one was in my journal with my mind mapped out.

The challenge deadline was January 25 and so I've zoomed right past that, but since I can't get that sketch or thought out of my mind, I've started on this quilt process today.  First here is my sketch, and then how I enlarged it on my copier and finally, cut out the pieces of my mind (wow, it should be so easy to control our thoughts) and next I will cut them out of different color fabrics, so I can piece them back together on the head. 

The next thing is the head and face.  Do I get a colored fabric?  Do I try to paint her on white fabric?  I will probably try painting her first on white and see what happens, I can always try the other if this doesn't work. And now I just thought, paint the map!  Well, it will be fun to decide just how to do this and maybe I'll even end up with two - one all painted and one in fabric pieces.  

Stay tuned for the next installment and see which way I choose, or if I choose!  (Laughing) Following along with me, shows just how crowded my mind is and how quick I can jump around!!!! Anyway, I will post the steps as I move along and hopefully, I'll have at least one finished "map of my mind" 10 x 12 quilt sometime soon.  

And I can't wait to see the ones submitted by the readers - they will be in the June 2013 Quilting Daily magazine!  Back soon with the next step . . . . .

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