Sunday, January 06, 2013


Well, two pincushions down and what fun I've had! I've learned new stitches, practiced old ones and learned why my mom always told me I needed a thimble!

The first one is a bird (Sizzix die) and is nothing like the vintage one I showed a few days ago, but I think it's darn cute.  I love how this felting turned out - colors are just great and makes for a very interesting bird! There will never be another one exactly like it, but I'm sure there will be more pincushion birds.  The copy of the vintage one is on hold for a while, I have much to figure out on it before I could do a copy justice.

The second one is a little dress, this die is from Sizzix too, and I think it will make many cute things through the years.  My original plan for this die was a quilted wall hanging and there will still be one, but I think this is real cute too.  Had to laugh, three months ago I didn't even know what couching was and now it's on my dress! This is the other end of my piece of needle felted wool, but the colors are so different.  I have enough left to maybe make a flower pin, so I have to make some more before my next project.

I just signed up to do a quilt challenge, so don't know when the next pincushions will show up, but they're quick and fun, so they will appear.  I must do some more needle felting and cut out some new designs - some cute ones to follow soon!  But now to the quilt challenge.  Check it out, you might want to join in.

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