Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Beginnings . . . .

Well, my first bird is cut out!  I used my pretty felt for the top and look how the beak shows up.  I can't believe it - just laid it down and punched it out!  Some things just happen and it's so great when they do. I used some thick black felt for the back, but I'm far from joining the parts together. I quickly learned I had completed the easy part, now it was time to struggle a little!

 I made a few little stitches along the tail to give it definition and then I began the stitches along the wing.  I put stitches in and took stitches out.  I looked at my old bird and studied the type of stitches. I pulled out my book, "Fabric Embellishing - The basics and beyond" by Liz Kettle, Ruth Chandler, Heather Thomas and Lauren Vlcek and found the section on hand stitches!  If you like to do hand stitching and embellishing, it is a must have, check it out.

Anyway, I identified the stitch as a blanket stitch and began!  Then I began again and again.  I have an appreciation for the stitching on the old pincushion that I did not have before tonight!  I now have about six stitches in and shut it down for the night!  After all tomorrow is another day!

I am just amazed!  The stitches on the parrot's wing are soooooo tiny and so exactly spaced!  Mine are neither tiny or exactly spaced!  I have to laugh at myself and my comments in last nights post!  I may eventually make a similar pincushion to the original parrot, but I won't ever think it will be easy or fast!  Just making the pattern will not be as easy as I thought last night. And make enough to give away, well that may be a totally different story!

For now I will practice my stitches on this first bird and probably a number of others and just see what happens.  Thanks to Liz and Ruth for their help - couldn't even think about doing this without them!

I'll be  back when I've done a little more (praying it becomes easier), so  until then happy creating!

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