Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seam Ripper! First Step to Improvement!

Too wide on front!
Too narrow on back!
I would love to have said, "Seam Ripper, First Step to Perfection," but I know it's just improvement. And with this in mind I have taken my little quilt hanging, "Sunset Reflection on Lake" and removed the binding!  I was never happy with it, even though I called it finished and posted it on Flickr!  It was not finished because it was not done correctly!

I had followed the instructions for sewing a binding on with a sewing machine, just like the first two; however, I didn't do the the first seam correctly.  It was right on the edge, barely catching the fabric along the edge and then when I turned it to sew on the front, it was way too big!  It covered too much of the quilt.  Some of the colors along the edges were missing and I knew it.  I had this huge binding on the front and almost nothing on the back and I still called it done!

Well, suddenly today I couldn't stand it.  I was looking at the picture of the quilt prior to binding and after and thought, "it's time I pull out the seam ripper and start this over. And I did!

I'm may rethink the color of the binding and may change it, but even if I reuse this, it will be seamed correctly on the back, so that the binding on the front is of equal size and correct.  It only took about fifteen minutes to remove this and I will forever be thankful that I did it.

I would normally beat myself up for doing it wrong and then leaving it, but not today.  I just see it as part of the learning process and proud of myself for being willing to fix it! And, so I'm leaving this post for a few minutes (hopefully) and a binding on my quilt.  When I come back, I will add a picture of the "new" finished quilt.   Too late for the challenge, but not to late for me!

Sunset Reflection on Lake - Binding redone, proper size!
 And here it is, all finished!  I went with the same binding, just put on correctly and I'm so much happier.  It's still far from perfect, but it's just my third, well, now I guess it's my fourth binding and I will get better and now, the colors show properly.  The binding was so big, that it blocked out some of the colors like down in the bottom left corner and upper right, specifically.  I am satisfied!
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