Saturday, February 09, 2013

Sunset Reflection in Lake

Sunset Reflection on Lake        15" x 9" quilt

It's done and it's uploaded to Flickr and the Project Quilting Flickr Group!  Yay, it's only 7:43 on Saturday evening.  It's not even due until noon tomorrow!  I told you in yesterday's post that Annie's art was an amazing inspiration.  I hope you have already checked out her blog!

So, after yesterday, there's not a lot to say.  I just knew the moment I saw this fabric that it looked like the reflection of a sunset on a lake and so I cut the piece out, made the sandwich and began to do the free motion quilting.  This is all so new to me and I had a blast.  This was the most relaxing quilt I've done to date and I hope to do more of this type.  The best part was when Bill said, I see a shark in the water and some other fish!  He's being so encouraging and it makes this even more fun.

If you are seeing this post and haven't read yesterdays, be sure to back up and read all about the Project Quilting Challenge for this week and Annie Young Art.

I hope you enjoy and I am off to the studio to work on some Valentines.   It's next week you know and I just really want to make some fabric ones to give to some sweet friends!  We'll see!  I tried to do some last year and I tried last night, but then I turned to Pinterest and found some real cute ideas - so hoping tonight is successful.  If I am you'll know it tomorrow!
Have a great evening.
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