Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm writing this morning because I need to be organizing my studio! I just talked about this on FB  recently and I still don't have it done!  And so, the way my brain works is this - do something else to make me feel like I'm accomplishing something whether it needs to be done or not - so here's my delay for today!

I don't do a lot of advertising on my blog, but I'm enjoying my SMASH book so much I just have to share.  I got mine at Archivers in Katy a year or more ago and it took me a little while to start using it.  I was attracted to it by the wording on the out side - something about a drawer that you stick all of your little memories in.  I immediately knew the drawer they were talking about, except I have several of them.

 How do you cover this  face?
I think most of you probably throw away the things I keep and yet perhaps I'm wrong or why would these books be such great sellers. So like me you, too, may keep odd things so that's why I'm sharing the joys of the SMASH book!

I still have the ticket stub for the rodeo cutting horse show in February 1984 - when and where Bill and I had our first date!  (Not in this book, but somewhere) I have the pit passes from auto races, the beach vehicle sticker from Surfside Beach when the kids and I went to the beach last summer.  Not to mention my favorite fortunes from my favorite Pei Wei!  Now that you know I'm a keeper you will know why I love this book.

It comes with it's own pen (to write notes) and glue stick all in one and fun papers in a spiral book.  Do you have something you want to keep?  Don't stuff it in a drawer, stuff it in your book.  I know why it took me  long time to start  - I love the paper!  Same reason I'm not a good scrapbooker - I love the paper so much I don't want to cut or cover it up!  But that's another story all together, so let's head back to my book.  I keep it on my kitchen counter and I've actually gotten really good at sticking stuff in it.

It has also taught me to cover up cool paper! Well, almost - there are some pages I just can't or at least haven't yet been able to cover! It's also a place to keep cards from my little grand-daughter in Austin or other friends in the back even too big to glue in and oh by the way, I started a small book, but they come in a larger size and I think I'll start adding my cards to that one.  

But don't think that they stopped with just a cool book,  no they have washi tape, stickers, all sorts of things to add in (guessing this is for people who don't keep as much as I do) and best of all - a giant rubber band to hold the book together as it gets fatter and fatter.  And a blank cover for your own decorating! Can't believe that's still a blank canvas in my house!

This one encourages you to write!

This is a page!

Hope this might help some of you empty a drawer and fill up a book!  Like I said I got mine at Archiver's (they're also on line) but I'm sure these fun books are in many different scrapbook stores.

To me this is a win win!  Unlike a drawer that has to be cleaned out when it's full and you have to make decisions all over again about keeping or tossing, when the book is full you have a completed scrapbook without work and you start a new one! As the book says on the back "for the MOMENTS and MUSINGS that STICK!"

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