Monday, May 13, 2013

Studio Redo

Procrastination should be my middle name!  I can put things off better than anyone I know.  My studio is so stacked and out of sorts that I barely have space to work.  Most of the project will be hunting for the things under the other things. hahaha  Actually, I don't know why I just laughed - it's the truth. BUT.....

I just had to take time to share my newest card design and some bookmarks I've been busy making.  I had a list a mile long of birthdays this month and next and so I had to get busy.  I have so much beautiful paper that I never use.  Some of it will probably go to the grave with me because it's just too cool to cut!  Most of it came from Club Scrap and people cut it and cover it up all the time, but I just get out the boxes, fondle the paper, carefully drool over it and put it back.  Just too great to be used!

That probably is why I have so much stuff!  I believe everything that crosses my path has a use in an art project and every time I throw stuff away I find I need it.  So I have boxes and bags and drawers full of stuff to be used in mixed media art or a craft project.  The ladies in our children's section at Bible study love my collection!  Makes life simple for them, but oh my the storage issue is something else. I have a friend that is a professional organizer, but I can't use her as she would make me throw too much away, so as soon as I show my latest creations I will head up to work. :(

Wow, I really digressed!  I was planning on telling you about the great birthday cards I made and how easy they are to make.  I'm going to do a tutorial soon because if you're reading this you probably have everything you would need to make something very similar and then you are ready for every occasion, not just birthdays.

And the bookmarks.  It's fun to draw and watercolor these small flowers.  There are a variety this time, but dogwoods prevailed as the favorite to draw this time. And after a long dry spell I began another stepping stone.  I wanted to do a magnolia, but so far it's not there!  Will continue on it when the rooms clean and if it ever looks like one it can be a post all it's own.

So enjoy my offerings while I get busy and clean up the mess!

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