Thursday, July 18, 2013


There's something I'm learning about a blog and, that is, that you can put things out there before it's their time!  For instance, I showed my picture of my flower pots and I was pleased!  I told you how much fun I had painting it and well, I believe I sounded a little proud!

Then yesterday I looked at it and thought about how flat it was.  It had a back drop rather than a table and I spent the better part of the day trying to figure this out.  I posted it on my class FB page and ask for help.  I texted it to a dear friend who is an artist and begged for help.

I got responses from everyone, but finally I set some items on my kitchen counter along with some utensils and sat on a stool in front of them. I was low enough to look straight on, like the picture and I saw the problem.  The table was too big - it had turned into a wall! lol So, I made a color photocopy and practiced on it.  As soon as I made the table smaller, the problem was solved.  Or at least that problem.

 Once I posted the  copy, I had ladies point out that shadows were in the wrong place and so I corrected that on the original, but not on the copy.  I actually had thought I might just leave the original alone - I didn't know how much more paint that poor piece of paper could stand, but got home from a meeting last night and had to fix it before I could even think about sleeping.

So here they are: the first attempt, the one I posted on Tuesday, the copy and the final original work now changed.  I'm finished with it!  (I hope) I know I could keep working on it forever, but it's time to get back to some wildflowers and some of the other projects Junelle has given us to work on.

Posting these pictures today I'm much more humble!  Yes, it was fun, but, it was lots of work and I've learned just how much I need to learn!  And when I learn more, I will realize how much more there is to learn!  I love that - no matter how much you learn, there's always more!  That is one of God's greatest gifts!
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