Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Bags Full, Pt. 2

As a follow up to my post of Three Bags Full I want to catch you up on my second class and what's happened since I posted about my drop spindle class.  Which by the way I have continued to do some spinning with my Turkish spindle nearly every day!  Impressive since I hadn't touched it in weeks prior to Katie's class.  When you are finished spinning you take it apart and the yarn is in a ball.  Pretty cool!

Any way, let's move on to Intro to YOUR Spinning Wheel. I emphasized YOUR because I wrote on the 14th that this spinning class along with the one tomorrow with Diana would help me make a decision regarding the type of wheel and drum carder I would buy.  Well, by the time my spinning class was over last Saturday, I had yarn spun by me and my own wheel packed in the car to head home and a drum carder ordered!  Now I anxiously await tomorrows class, decisions have all been made.  lol

I have spun every day this week, sometimes twice and have practiced with starting and stopping and drafting the fiber until I could drop in hopes that I will be good enough to learn how to make the fancy art yarn tomorrow.  The funny part is that all of the yarn I've done so far would fall under the category of art yarn or to traditional spinners a "hot mess."  I prefer the term art yarn!  I love that art yarn has no rhyme or reason - oh, I'm sure it does, and I'll learn about that,

but right now it's just not neat or perfect but it sure is fun!

I don't have my drum carder yet, so I'm using some fiber from class, but once the carder gets here the three bags full will soon be batt and or roving - soon to be yarn!  I think my problem will soon be what?  it's all gone!  It's just so darn much fun to spin and it goes so fast, I just bet I'm looking for more fiber soon!

Tomorrow I learn to dye fiber as well as make beautiful batts and spin, so if I dye my boys fiber, or at least part of it that will help slow down the process of it being spun too fast!

We take our wheel with us to classes and events, so I personalized mine with three alpacas and two sheep on the treadles.  Can't wait for Stephanie to see it!  I will take all of the yarn I've made this week in practice with me tomorrow and I think she will be surprised at how much I've done.

So, now it's time to go get some more mowing done!  Got my mower back today after two weeks, so much to do!

Back after my class tomorrow with more fiber adventures!

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