Friday, August 02, 2013

What Was I Thinking?

I guess I thought I didn't have enough to do with three alpacas that have to be hosed down at least twice a day to keep them cool.  Yes, literally I go out and stand in the heat to spray their legs and bellies with cold water!  Gotta keep those boys cool!   Along with that there's a poo pile to clean up and water buckets to fill. I'm  not complaining, I'm just sayin'.  Along with that I'm learning to spin yarn, card the boys fiber and have managed to make this the fourth Saturday in a row with a class at my favorite little wool store - WC Mercantile.

And this leads to my question - WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Suddenly Sunday afternoon I decided to move everything out (and I have stuff - see pictures to right) of my studio/craft room so I could pull up the carpet and prepare to paint the floor.  Now this is something I've been wanting to do since we bought the house over three years ago!  And once everything is out and the carpet is pulled up there is no turning back....Nope, it's just keep plugging forward.

carpet ready to be torn out

Of course, we know that they use substandard plywood under carpet               because no one is going to ever see it.  AND they do an over spray of texture on to the floor and make as many dents and drips as possible. I scraped and scrubbed and finally said, so what!
Not only am I the only one that sees it, it will be mostly covered over with shelving, storage drawers and tables!
carpet rolled up - pad ready to go

I chose charcoal black for my topcoat because it will show the least of the dings - we all know white shows every thing -- just look at someone in white stretchy pants (haha) and I wanted a canvas, so black it will be.  I will paint a flower or a sheep or as my friend Deb suggested I could paint a stone walking path, but whatever, it will be fun and down the road someone can cover it up with carpet and no one will be the wiser!
 carpet strip and texture overspray

Thank God for KILZ
Primarily I'm the only one who ever sees this room and I just want a painted floor for ease of cleaning and so yesterday I painted the primer (KILZ with black added at Home Depot to make it a dark grey primer and it looks pretty good.  It said I could paint over in an hour, but I gave it until today.  Actually late last night I filled in some more cracks and touched up the primer early this morning and then I painted the black this afternoon.

I'm really pleased.  I know it will chip easily as I'm not going to add a coat of poly on top - I want  to keep it so I can paint on it as the urge strikes.

Bill will help me put the furniture back in the room and I'll find some small rugs to go under my chairs - it will work and I have left over paint for touch ups!  :)

I have a class all day tomorrow and we're going to a race tomorrow night in Paige - so maybe Sunday afternoon we'll begin to add back.  Think I'm going to love it!

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