Sunday, November 03, 2013

First Hat

My first and only hat!  Yet!!!!!  I do have plans for another, but this one was fun for a firsty and I got to use my art yarn spun by Diana North.  Diana taught my first art yarn course and her yarns are soooo yummy.  I checked this yarn out for weeks and then grabbed it before someone else beat me to it.  I still have some left and will add it to something somewhere down the line.  I used the yummy yarn for the trim and then another great bulky yarn for the rest of the hat.   The pattern says the "1 hour hat"!  That did not prove to be true for me, but maybe when I've a little more experience I will make one in that "warp" speed!

Started knitting on some really large straight needles, but switched over to size 15 circulars - a much better fit!

When my sweet husband saw this hat on me, he sweetly suggested that it might be a great hat for our 10 year old granddaughter!  Yes, I believe he is right and so off it will go to Austin as the weather turns cooler!  

And so the last of the hat pictures is to the left!  Looking forward to a hat class at WC Mercantile, so that the next one is a little more suited for me! 

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